Training Video – Split Testing Math

My next video will talk about PPC advertising for newbies, and could save you hundreds of dollars in one day. That’s just one day of Pay Per Click advertising on Bing and Google alone. The video might be a touch long at nearly 10 minutes, but I promise it will be worth every minute. Be sure you have [subscribed to this series] and I will also be sending you several free reports, ebooks, and videos detailing ways to be super effective in social media marketing as well.

In the meantime, please check out this extremely dollar-efficient app that can get your traffic flowing almost instantly. Check it out and watch the video demonstration.

WPScope harnessing the power of Periscope to net higher traffic for your website

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Periscope. It’s one of the fastest growing social media sites on the internet.

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My friend Cindy has created a video for you:


I’m going to be sharing some really cool strategies with you over the coming days, and if you have any questions post them below the video and Cindy will answer them directly.

Here is that again:



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