Social Media Marketing Masters Program

Video One: Engagement Evolved

Watch this 13+ minute introduction to engagement

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Social Marketing Masters Training Series

12 Week Program Starts Soon

  1. Complete Action Plans, Targets and Goals
  2. What to post, like, share, retweet, etc.
  3. Should you use automation?
  4. Frequency and scheduling
  5. How to keep it real on Social while marketing

12 Weeks of Intense Training and Bonuses

  1. 12 Weekly Video Training Modules
  2. 12 Weekly Engagement Targets and Goals
  3. 12 Email Q&A with 48 hour response time
  4. Forever Early-Bird Webinar Registration*
  5. Forever Discounted Personalized Assistance*


Program Starts May 1 and Lasts 12 Weeks

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That means I’ll review your current Facebook and Twitter Profile and submit an analysis with recommendations to help you succeed in Social Media Marketing. The Analysis alone is worth the cost of the Training Program.

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