Marketing Books on Google

Marketing Books on Google

I’m simply astounded at some of the hoops you have to jump through for AdWords. I am one of only three authors who have ever written a book about at least one topic, and yet I’m having to endure all kinds of nonsense from Google about marketing my very own book, that I myself have written, that I myself have published.

It’s a mystery to me too that at least one advertiser is running a bot on this seemingly useless (to anyone who has not written a book) set of keywords, so the price is escalating instantaneously. I don’t know where the bot tops out at, but assuming that it’s an expedition company charging $15,000 for their services, it could be as bad as $500/click and still make economic sense.

But when you’re trying to sell a $.99 eBook anything over $.11 is idiotic.

Thank You Expedition Company Bot!

Oh, I say that because I cannot possibly comprehend another valid business interest having any reason to bid that high. There’s nothing to sell besides my book and their trip.

Anyway, Bing is considerably more reasonable, but has almost no traffic at all.

Silly Note: I guess the phrase “fat-burner” can only be applied to Ephedra products, and it’s illegal to refer to Ephedra products so the phrase “fat-burner” is illegal to refer to (I’m wondering if I’ll be arrested over on Blogger) so one of my intense cardio ad campaigns was shut down. There is a review process during which they might determine that I was using the phrase “fat-burner” incorrectly and thus potentially being allowed to use the phrase as I intended it.

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