YouTube Marketing Strategies: How to get thousands of YouTube Channel subscribers and millions of video views with David Walsh

This short book is based on that interview I did with YouTube marketing expert David Walsh. At the time of the interview David had built his YouTube Channel to 44,306 subscribers in just 18 months! Meanwhile, his videos have had 4.4 million views and are bringing thousands of leads into David’s business.

And, of course, those numbers keep growing… As I type this David has already hit the 47,000 subscriber mark and the interview was less than a month ago!

*** UPDATE, November 2015: David is now at 83,130 subscribers! That means he’s consistently adding over 3,000 new subscribers every single month! ***

In this book David talks about how he’s created this success and powerfully positioned himself by adding just one short video per week – and he explains how you can do the same. He’s certainly got me fired up to build my YouTube Channel!

Why not use Amazon’s “Look inside” feature to check out YouTube Marketing Strategies before you buy? Just click on the book image above and start browsing.

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