Video & Online Marketing Strategies for Wellness Professionals: Unleash the Power of Video. Stand Out, Get Seen & Grow (Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit Success Series Book 2)

Learn how to use video to reach new clients, build trust and authority and stand out from your competition.

“Generous is the word that comes to mind after reading this book. Each presenter gave a wealth of information to improve my marketing business strategies using simple, easy and effective techniques. Many thanks and gratitude to everyone.”
Ann Bell, owner
The Healing Haven, Washingtonville, NY, USA

How to Create a Video Business Card

It’s not easy to say everything you need to say and introduce yourself in the best light on a paper business card. With a video business card, you can do exactly that. Learn what to say, and how to create your video business card easily with the device you have in your pocket! Introduce yourself, answer questions, and let potential clients know how to work with you and the results they can expect.

Work with What You Have and Promote with Video

Overthinking and overwhelm can keep us from using tools like video to extend our reach, communicate with and educate clients. The good news is anyone can make videos, if you can talk, you can promote your business. Learn some great tips and tricks from Robert Gardner of Robert Gardner Wellness on getting comfortable in front of the camera, educating clients, and getting found online with video, marketing.

Free Strategies Revealed to Dominate the Google Local Search Results

Clients in YOUR area are looking for wellness services every day, will they find you on google? They will after you implement these free strategies for getting to the top of local search on Google.

People today are used to getting the information they need quickly and conveniently. Make sure you are the business that they find by reading this book carefully and optimizing your site for Google Local Search.

Building Your Foundation for Awesome Facebook Ads

If you’ve ever tried Facebook ads without getting the results that you hoped for, then this presentation is for you! Facebook ads work best with a plan, and once you have one it can be a source of new clients, gift certificate sales, and repeat business. Don’t spend another dime on ads until you read this presentation, and understand how Facebook ads really work, and how you can get results.

Learn from Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit Speakers

This book has been compiled from speaker transcripts for the benefit of learning from leading experts in their own words. You will enjoy the conversational reading and valuable takeaways.

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