Undefeated Marketing: How to Avoid 94 Mistakes & Right Hooks and K.O. Competitors

Do Not Buy This Book…

If you’re a multi-millionaire

If you’re an expert

If you’re not an action taker

So Who is This For?

It’s for those who have an idea, a product and the motivation to succeed and KO their competition!

In other words… short term beginners.

I say short term because after reading & applying what they learn in this book, they won’t be beginners anymore… they’ll become champions!

The book features experts and multimillionaires such as David Meerman Scott, John Lee Dumas, Dave Chesson, Nathan Chan, Sean D’Souza and much more.

Not an Ordinary Book… Although it Covers…

  • General Marketing – Build the foundations of your business to make it marketable and competitor proof or as I like to say it… make the competition irrelevant!
  • Conversion Marketing – get your website traffic rolling into your email list at a higher rate.
  • Direct-Response & Content Marketing – avoid the lame endings that even a lot of experts make online that bores readers to death and makes them click away.
  • SEO & Inbound Marketing – how to get a ton of traffic from Google.
  • Social Media Marketing – how to socially blend into people’s conversations and build a loyal fan base.
  • Email Marketing – how to avoid looking like a spammer and build a genuine connection with your subscribers instead.
  • Referral Marketing – how to get your customers to happily promote your business FREE.
  • Influencer Marketing – get celebrity influencers to promote your products and online articles.

If you’re not bothered to read this description because it’s long, then you don’t stand a chance… you wouldn’t be able to read the book either, let alone stand against the competition. Read on…

Word of Warning

This book is not a shortcut. It requires hard work. It will not satisfy people with shiny object syndrome.

Why This Book?

  • It’s the only book that warns you about mistakes that even multimillion-dollar businesses make.
  • It provides step-by-step solutions to those mistakes.
  • Whatever is taught in this book is proven to work and used to build 8-figure businesses.
  • It’s your guide to KO-ing the competition.

Make a Decision

If you haven’t made a decision already, how do you expect yourself to run a successful business?

Order now before your competitors do!

You still here?

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