The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Tutorial: Facebook Ads vs. Google Adwords (Social Profit Suite 1)

And there you have it! That’s pretty much everything you need to know to start getting a lot of success from Facebook marketing and advertising. Of course there’s more – there’s always more – but the best way to learn this is ‘on the job’.

To finish, let’s take a look back over everything we’ve covered in a brief summary…

• Facebook is the largest social network and the second biggest website in the world

• Facebook advertising is a highly versatile and flexible platform that connects you with this audience and gives you a ton of powerful tools

o The main advantages of Facebook advertising is the ability to precisely

target people…

o And the ability to leverage existing social networks to spread your message and gain ‘social proof’

• When you create a Facebook ad, you need to choose a goal, a position and a type of ad

o Ad types include domain ads, page post links, multi-product ads, page post likes, page post images and more – the best ones are the page post ads, placed on the newsfeed

• You can target your audience by multiple different criteria

o Location

o Age/gender

o Interests o Behavior o And more

• Choose two or more images to let Facebook find which one works best for your ad

• When writing the copy think AIDA and think ‘value proposition’

• View your ads’ performance in the ad manager

• And tweak the design occasionally to see how this impacts on your conversions

• Use Facebook Power Editor if you have a huge amount of ads

• Combine your Facebook campaign with a good content marketing campaign

• Use BuzzSumo to find good 3rd party content to share

• Share things that allow people to express themselves and/or communicate

And that’s basically it…

So there’s nothing left for it but to dive in. Good luck!

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