The Story Economy: How to Use the Power of Story in Your Marketing Funnel to Attract and Keep More Customers

“Tom has nailed it. If you don’t quite “get” the way business is done in the new online economy, then this is the book that will open your eyes. Who needs this book? You do, unless you are already successfully telling your story online in such a way that it DRIVES a steady stream of eager prospects into a well thought out funnel system of products and content 24X7. Even IF you are already doing that, this book will sharpen your sword. I give it my highest recommendation.”

Jim Cockrum

Remarkable businesses tell remarkable stories. Businesses like Apple and Disney pull us in by the stories they tell with their products and the experiences we have with them. Small businesses can tell remarkable stories and be loved by their customers. People buy more and buy more often from businesses that tell remarkable stories. What story are you telling?

In the book you’ll learn:

– How to develop the remarkable story mindset that will take your business to new levels of trust and admiration with your prospects and customers.

– How to position your story and brand to attract your perfect customers for maximum sales and profit potential

– How to set up the perfect marketing funnel system to tell your story and keep your customers for life.

To tell a remarkable story, you have to have a system to tell it. Inside The Story Economy, you’ll learn how to tell a remarkable story with your business and how to create a system that continually shares that story over time.

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