The Internet Marketing Blueprint

In the “Internet Marketing Blueprint” You’ll Learn:

*How to plan your enterprise, how to stay focused on what matters, and deal with information overload

*How to prep your family and friends, deal with their inevitable criticisms and put conditions in place to maximize your work output

*How to properly create your own brand and become an authority in your niche

*How to ethically build an email list and create a tribe that responds to your marketing. Make sure you know the right time to promote without pissing off your subscribers

*You’ll learn how to over deliver for your customers making them rabid for more of your stuff.

*How to research, create, and marketing your first information product and attract affiliates to promote your products.

*This is just scratching the surface of what this book covers. I did my best to make it complete as possible at a high level for those new to or interested in an internet marketing career.

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