SEO Myths and Half-Truths: Slice through the Veil of Misinformation to Uncover the Secrets to SEO Profits

The internet, unfortunately, is great at propagating misinformation. There are few areas of knowledge where the misinformation propagation is stronger than in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There are thousands of writers blogging about SEO who have never actually ranked a website. They regurgitate the same things that authority figures in SEO are saying.

There are many different ways to successfully approach SEO. As a result, the conflicting ideas you hear about SEO can be very confusing even if they are correct.

Additionally, there are many articles written about techniques that, while technically true, are not really an accurate representation of actions that result in a successful SEO project. It is correct that I could crawl from Dallas to New York City, but is that something that should be recommended? Obviously not. You get a lot of this minutia with the automated website graders out there.

Further confusing people, different businesses can have wildly different optimal SEO plans.

SEO is something that didn’t exist 20 years ago. Yet, it is extremely complicated and nuanced. Expecting to understand it quickly is not reasonable.

However, with this book, you can bust through the major myths and half-truths spread around about SEO. Read it and be more prepared to have a successful SEO project.

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