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Do you have a WordPress website or blog? Do you want to get more visitors? Yoast’s eBook ‘SEO for WordPress’ will help you out. In 8 sections you’ll learn about all aspects that influence your site’s ranking. Every section contains clear explanations, examples that illustrate how to achieve better rankings and lots of quick tips and advices. With this eBook you can create a successful site yourself!

When you start a site or blog you should first think about your mission and and goals. What do you want to achieve? The authors help you define your mission and show you how to get your message across to your audience. You’ll also learn about the basics of technical SEO, like security, site speed and optimizing for mobile.

Sometimes you might wonder what to write about. In this book you’ll learn how to write content that ranks! The authors help you execute keyword research, create great content and plan and structure your content well. You’ll get load of tips on how to write better and in an attractive style.

As User Experience, as well, is very important to get and keep visitors the authors explain how to optimize the usability of your site and blog. You’ll learn, amongst others, how to improve call-to-actions, menus and the readability of your text.

Last but not least this book contains practical marketing tips to make sure your audience will grow and will keep on growing. Email marketing, link building, social media, all will be covered! Want to make money with your site or blog? You’ll find all about it in the last section.

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