Killer Creative Instincts: How To Harness Your Creative Skills Into A Marketable, Money Making Business

Are you an artist, writer, or otherwise creative type who wants to start making money in this world? Does your day job drag you down, but you don’t think you have any other alternatives? Do you get overwhelmed at the prospect of going out on your own and making money off of your creative expertise? Well, maybe the problem is that you are thinking like a starving artist instead of an artist operator! With the help of Killer Creative Instincts, you will learn how to change from being an artist dependent on the corrupt, old school style of getting discovered and instead learn how to take charge of your own destiny.

This book doesn’t rely on jargon or fancy charts to help you embrace who you were meant to be, instead we take a down to earth approach to learning the mindset that is necessary to become the artist that you have always wanted to be. The problem is that most artists are great at their art, but terrible at the business side of things. If you want to take control of your own life and start making money, then that is going to have to change!

You can’t be a successful artist in the new economy unless you have mastered the principles of being a successful businessman! Fortunately, Killer Creative Instincts blends both worlds together so that you can achieve total mastery over both your art and your business life. No more having to work a day job that you hate!

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