Keno’s Simple Guide to Paid & Keyword Advertising: How to Execute Real-Life Google AdWords, Bing, or Yahoo Search Keyword Advertising Campaigns (Keno’s Marketing & Advertising Solutions Book 1)

The goal of this eBook series is to educate users on marketing and advertising topics. Specifically, this eBook will allow you to plan and execute a real-life Google AdWords, Bing or Yahoo Search Keyword Advertising campaign in minimal amount of time! You will be able to execute keyword campaigns for yourself or on behalf of a client or customer.

Background: Keyword Advertising is a method of online advertising in which an advertiser (e.g., Retailer, Brand, Company) pays to have an ad appear in the search results after a user searches for a particular search phrase on the Web (mobile or desktop).

The user typically does this through a search engine. The most popular search engines in the U.S. are Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo Search while Baidu has large market share in China. Google uses a tool called Google AdWords for advertisers to run keyword ad campaigns. Microsoft uses a tool called Bing Ads and Yahoo uses Yahoo Advertising to run keyword ad campaigns.

Keyword Advertising is also called Paid Search because the advertiser must pay for placement and bid on keywords or combinations of keywords.

The search term or search phrase is composed of one or more words or key-terms that is linked to an advertisement.

The most common forms of payment for keyword advertising is pay per click (PPC), where the advertiser only pays when a person clicks on the ad link. Other forms of payments are cost per action (CPA), cost per download (CPD), cost per install (CPI), and cost per mille (CPM – which means cost for a thousand impressions).…..

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