How to Pitch a Blog Post: A Guide for Guest Bloggers and Freelance Writers

If you’d like to see your writing published on your favorite blogs, then you need this book.

Writing for popular blogs has plenty of benefits. Some people do it for fame. Some do it for money. Some even do it for fun!

But there are so many blogs, and so much conflicting advice about how to get your posts accepted for publication. It’s hard to know what you should or shouldn’t do in each case.

How to Pitch a Blog Post tells you exactly how to offer a post to any blog in the world.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny niche blog or one of the biggest on the internet – in this book, you’ll find the advice you need to help you pitch confidently and successfully, time after time.

Sophie Lizard and Lauren Tharp are award-winning writers with years of experience as the editors of multiple popular blogs. They’ll show you who to contact, what to say, and how to explain your ideas so that blog editors will be eager to publish your work.

So if you’ve ever wondered…

  • Why your emails to blog editors don’t get answered (and how to fix that)…
  • Whether you should start with an idea for a post, or first choose the blog you’d like to write for…
  • What the difference is between a pitch and a query…
  • What blog editors expect from you as their guest writer…
  • When is the right time to discuss getting paid for your blog posts…

… you’ll find the answers – plus a lot more! – in this book.

Whether you’re a guest blogger, a freelance writer, or a complete beginner… Read How to Pitch a Blog Post today to learn what it takes to get your writing published on top blogs.

About the authors:

Sophie Lizard is a professional writer who hasn’t had a “real job” since 2008. She works with business owners and their teams to create compelling true stories about the future. (Sales letters… non-fiction books… email campaigns… they’re all true stories, if you’re doing it right.) Sophie also teaches writers how to make real money blogging, through her blog Be a Freelance Blogger. She lives with her husband and two daughters in Berkshire, England.

Lauren Tharp made writing her sole source of income in 2010, and has worked in the writing & marketing departments of a television mini-series, an online radio station, a designer headphone company, and countless small businesses around the world. Through her website LittleZotz, and public speaking at schools and other organizations, she dedicates a lot of her time to helping adults and teens get started as freelance writers. Lauren lives in California, USA.

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