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To understand the importance of Google marketing you would need to first take a peek at basic SEO Concepts. Most of you are already aware of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. The way I define it is a series of ritualistic things you do to appease Google and find favour with the god of search engines. I am just kidding of course however as they say behind every joke hides a degree of truth.
Google is a major and inseparable part of SEO. Almost everything you do as part of your SEO campaign is to be ranked high on search page results. If you are not on the first page of a search result, you might as well not exist. The Only people who will ever know about your website are people who know you or somehow accidentally ended up on your home page.
There is no doubt that Google is the undisputed king of search engines. It beat Yahoo at the game and staved off a spirited effort by Microsoft in the form of Bing. Google is said to own 80% of search engine market and that could be a conservative figure. Google is synonymous with search engine which is why many people use the term “Google it”. So it can be safely assumed that if you wish to promote your website you will have to ensure Google remains a major part of your marketing strategy. It is not just about Google being the search engine champion or the number 1 ranked website on the planet. There are a various other reasons why google is crucial,

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