First Page of Google!: Rank Any Article, Video, Blog, Press Release, Or Website On The 1st Page Of Google, Bing, And Yahoo

Read this Google ranking guide and discover…

* What you need to do to get to the first page of Google.

* How to pick a domain name for the most SEO impact.

* Which URLs make it easier for Google to index your site?

* Should you use .com, .net, or another variation? It depends – learn why.

* How to keep Google from guessing what your page is about.

* What should you put in your meta tags so Google will find you and people will want to click to your website.

* How to tell Google what is important on your page – and what is less important.

* How many keywords should you really have on your page?

* How to optimize your page so you dont confuse Google.

* How to spread link juice around all the pages of your website.

…and many other search engine optimization secrets!

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