Digital Marketing Growth Hacks: The World’s Best Digital Marketers Share Insights on How They Grew Their Businesses with Digital

The World’s Digital Marketers Share Insights on How They Grow Their Businesses with Digital.

Authors: Ian Cleary, Andrea Vahl, Dave Kerpen, Phyllis Khare, Brian Massey, Emeric Ernoult, Erik Qualman, Jamie Turner, John Jantsch, Martin Shervington, Viveka von Rosen, Michael Brenner, Andrew Davis, Lon Safko

Learn top tricks for using Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, YouTube, SEO, marketing tools, conversions optimization, leadership, Live Videos, Virtual Reality, Content Marketing, connecting, and Fusion Marketing to grow your business.

The book you see before you is a compilation of the very best ideas from the very best authors in the world on the subjects of social media, digital communications, marketing, and technology.

Many of these authors are New York Times and Amazon #1 bestselling authors and have been major contributors in the development of the industry we call social media.

Many of us have been friends, colleagues, and fellow speakers around the globe for more than a decade. It has always been our hope that someday we would be able to make the time to join forces and share with you our most profound thoughts on today’s technologies and give insights into the psychology of human interaction.

We are grateful to you for reading this book and hopefully finding valuable insights that you too may pass along to others. For that, we all say “Thank you!”

The proceeds of this book will all go to charity.

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