Digital Marketing: Book #1 in the START-UPS ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET Series

Digital Marketing is a MUST for any business, especially for Start-ups on a Shoestring Budget!


Because consumers, so your ideal customers and clients included, are going to Google (or use any other search engine) FIRST, prior to making a purchase. AND if they can’t find you, they are neither going to know that YOU, e.g. your business and brand, exist, nor that YOU can HELP them solve their problem.

YOU MUST USE ANY AND EVERY CHANCE TO BE SEEN AND HEARD, by creating as many digital marketing touchpoints as possible, to get KNOWN, LIKED AND TRUSTED! And to ALWAYS stay top of mind, otherwise you will be forgotten in no time.
The general goal in Digital Marketing is to leverage your efforts, hence it is important to carefully make choices about the most ideal platforms and creating the most appropriate campaigns, to successfully reach as many people, within your target market, as possible.

There is no better way to reach many consumers at once in a fairly low-cost way.
Digital media and Social Media is changing on an ongoing basis, as technologies are being developed consistently, along with new online and mobile applications, tools and best practices, therefore I think that learning about the topics covered never stops, as long as it keeps changing.

So, shall we get started? Great!

One last thing, though; This book is intended for you to DO SOMETHING WITH THE INFORMATION, so don’t just read – APPLY WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED!

I wish you the Best of Luck for Your Exiting Adventure of Entrepreneurism!
Naomi Mc Laughlan

Chapter Overview;
Chapter 1 Digital Marketing aka Electronic Marketing defined
Chapter 2 Best practices of PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns
Chapter 3 How to create successful SEM and Banner campaigns
Chapter 4 How to Improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Chapter 5 How does Social Media fit in?
Chapter 6 E-Mail campaigns as a Marketing Tool
Chapter 7 How to evaluate Digital Marketing Campaigns
Chapter 8 The Hosting of Corporate Presentations and E-Shops
Chapter 9 Mobile Internet as a Tool for marketing on the Go
Chapter 10 Securing Your Digital Infrastructure
Chapter 11 Intranet
Chapter 12 Let’s talk Digital Marketing Strategy

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