Complete Google Adsense guide: Double your Adsense CPC

2nd edition of best selling Adsense book on Amazon, Complete Adsense Guide 2 is a ebook for Bloggers and Website owners who are using Google adsense to monetize their website or blog but struggling to get good revenue through it. We made a detailed research on how to increase cost per click on Google Adsense, All the Inferences from our research is presented in most simple way in this ebook, After Implementing all the suggestions, we’re sure You’ll earn anywhere between 2x to 3x of what you used to earn before through Adsense.
Incase if Adsense revenue is not improved, we’ll refund 100% Money.
2nd edition is Updated with
Google auto ads
In feed and In article ads and link ads
Target audience
Google double click
**Featured in book authority as one of the best Adsense books to buy in 2018**

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