Blogging for Google Adsense $$$: Pro Elite Blogging Handbook

Earn $50-150+ A Day! Step by Step Guidebook

Want to make a living online? Want to make $150-500 a day by blogging! I will show you how to become a professional blogger and how I make up to $643 a day online.

Dear Fellow Blogger – or Blogger to Be,

You probably say “you don’t make that much” or “that one person can’t make that much online by him or herself.” My course will give you several case studies that prove professional bloggers make a great living at it including myself.

This is NOT a blogging for dollars or a blogging for cash type book. My guide will walk you though step by step on how to become a professional blogger, and how to work towards making a honest living fulltime online like I do. Don’t expect to make a lot starting out, but $50-100 is possible per day after a short period of time.

Why do you need The Pro Blogging Elite Guidebook?

Here are the Top Ten reasons:

10. Blogging is Hot.
The last few years if you setup a blog with adsense everyone said DON’T put the word “blog” in title or URL or really anywhere on the page. Why? because the eCPM was less than $5 for those terms and if “blog” type ads showed up, you got maybe a penny or two. Today? eCPM with Google Adsense for the term “blog” is $61 and $182 for “blogging” – with a $6.00 max bid on that term! This is better than most niches!

9. WordPress is Hotter!
Blogger blogs are easy and best to get instant traffic but also to get instant shutdown for no reason or cut off even on self-hosted blogs like super affiliate with Jeremy Palmer recently found out. He is going to WordPress. Smart choice. WordPress is for those serious about blogging. My Guidebook will focus on WordPress. The New York Times use it – there must be something there!

8. My Guidebook is fantastic! Please read the The Pro Blogging Elite Guidebook and tell me the guide is not top notch, comprehensive regarding professional blogging, getting indexed, and well written in general.

7. The Pro Blogging Elite Guidebook offers a complete step by step blueprint to getting started making money by simply blogging. No tricks, indexing tricks or the like, just writing about what you have a passion or hobby about.

6. My Guidebook includes a step by step process to get new non-computer users to advanced users online and making money fast.

5. No black hat tricks up the sleeve needed.

4. This is totally WHITE HAT, no black hat tricks or other questionable tactics to making money online like some books and packages include.

3. You will find this information very valuable and useful to making money online today and we are sure you will be making $50-150 a day soon.

2. Priced at only $9.99, this Guidebook is a “steal!”

And the top reason to buy The Pro Blogging Elite Guidebook:

1. This is going to help you make more money this year then ever!

This is 97 pages of everything you need, not a small 10 page ebook.

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