Bing Marketing For Cosmetic Practice Owners: How to grow your brand and clientele without breaking bank (Seb Mac Cosmetic Practice Collection Book 4)

Did you know that only 3% of practices make $700,000+?
did you know the internet has 28% of the ad market?..only 2nd to TV market

did you know that google ad cost rose 42% in the health industry since 2012?
learn 4 key reason why bing ads is the better choice than google

well the purpose of this report is to not only share this information
but to show you how you can use it to grow your practice and position yourself as the best option

the cosmetic industry may be seeing its best years but theres some alarming trends that could be costly if your not prepared

were going to show you how you can prosper from these changes using trusted marketing principles and unique positioning techniques so you can drive more patients and postion yourself as the best choice

in this report were going to highlight

•The Greatest threat facing the cosmetic practice industry (and how you can prosper from it)

•Why 71% of businesses are failing (and how you can avoid the same fate)

•Finding Your Target Market

•Creating Bing ADS that attract the winners and repel the losers

•Getting inexpensive Laser Targeted Leads

•Swiping traffic from under your competitors nose

At Seb Mac Advertising, we understand that times are constantly evolving and effective strategies of old are no longer effective in today’s market, that’s why we’ve dedicated our time and resources to testing and developing custom marketing strategies based on proven marketing principles and buyer psychology to help cosmetic practice owners…not just realise their business objectives but to become more advanced marketers
you won’t find theory here, just tried and tested marketing expertise and this is what truly separates us from others

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