Amazon Advertising a How-to Guide: Amazon Marketing Services Made Easy

Interested in boosting your Amazon product straight to the top of the search results? “Amazon Advertising: a How-to Guide” will teach you all about the incredible tool for driving incremental sales that is Amazon Marketing Services.

A truly independent guide.

The Amazon Marketing Services platform can be an amazing method to drive serious sales with little cost…if you know how to use it. This book is for Amazon vendors who would like to start advertising on Amazon or those who have been waiting for an independent guide to the platform before they jump in. Learn tips, tricks and secrets to success for putting your product in front of millions on the world’s largest e-commerce site!

Here’s what you will learn:

  1. Step-by-step creation of ad campaigns that can completely transform your Amazon business
  2. How to target shoppers on Amazon so they find your product instead of your competitor’s
  3. How to get shoppers to discover your products 365 days a year without a hefty ad budget
  4. How to advertise on a competitor’s page…right under the Buy Box!
  5. How to analyze your campaigns and structure your account for maximum opportunity to advertise your products


Four Bonus Sections:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • How to Generate Three Dozen Keywords in 10 Minutes
  • 25 Headline Thought-Starters
  • Campaign List and Structure Examples

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