Advanced Kindle SEO: Make More Money Selling Kindle Books With Advanced Amazon SEO Techniques (How To Sell More Kindle Books Book 2)

Kindle SEO-Sell More Amazon Books With Advanced SEO

You are going to be amazed at how easy some of these tips are for increasing your book sales through these applications of advanced Amazon Kindle SEO techniques. The secret methods I reveal about selling more Kindle books through better placements in the search engine results are so easy a 5th grader could do them. Doing advanced SEO for your Amazon Kindle books will take very little work on your part, I promise you.

This is not rocket science. You just need someone to show you how this stuff works. Once you apply these proven ways of getting higher placements in the search results on the Amazon website, you can repeat the process with one to a thousand books and get the same results, a mega return of passive income from your Kindle book sales.

The time you invest in doing these things I suggest will have a lasting effect on the number of books you sell.

You are going to make a lot more money selling your Kindle books, guaranteed. This book is more about simple changes you can make that will dramatically increase your sales rather than advanced ways of promoting your Kindle book.

These are secret strategies that professional Internet marketers use to dominate the search engine results, specifically catered to increase Kindle book sales directly from the Amazon website.

This book is NOT about:

  • Implementing illegal (or “black hat”) methods for promoting your Kindle book
  • Sending you to every social media site on the Internet to promote your book
  • You spending countless hours searching out places to advertise your book
  • Having to build an ungodly amount of backlinks to your Kindle book to boost your placements in the search results
  • Optimizing your product for the Google search engine
  • Dominating the search results through breaking Amazon’s Terms of Service agreement
  • Spending a tremendous amount of money in order to increase your passive income
  • Redirecting you to some Internet product
  • Going on and on about all of the benefits of promoting your book with the Kindle Select program

This book is about:

  • Teaching easy to apply SEO methods that will increase your book sales significantly
  • You discovering the secrets that savvy Internet marketers are using to crush the competition on the Amazon website when selling Kindle books
  • Increasing your existing Kindle book sales and future book sales
  • Teaching you how to promote your Kindle book, with easy applications, to increase the amount of recurring income you make every day
  • Showing you very simple methods that will help you make a lot more money selling Kindle books
  • Revealing proven strategies for optimizing your books in such a way that you can dominate your niche in the Kindle store
  • Getting better placements in the Amazon search results and selling more books from the Kindle Store

Finally, I reveal a method in this eBook in which you can get FREE books on any subject at any time from the Amazon Kindle store. The method is 100% totally legit and legal, and it won’t cost you a penny. And I am not talking about you joining the Amazon Prime members club.

If you don’t get this book, you will be missing out on the very things that can increase your Kindle book sales by three to four times.

When I first started applying these tips revealed in this book for Advanced Amazon Kindle SEO techniques, my income from Kindle book sales increased three fold in one month. I went from making $900 per month to $2700 in one month. Now, please understand that I also published ten new books during that month as well.

These ways of selling more kindle books will increase your passive income instantly.

Get the book now while it’s offered at an introductory price.

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