2017 Amazon PPC Blueprint – How To Harness Amazon’s Sponsored Ads to Skyrocket Sales: From beginner to PPC ninja in 30 days (Private Label University)

If you are new to Amazon’s PPC platform and finding it confusing, this guide will take you from the darkness to solid performing Amazon PPC campaigns – step by step.

This isn’t some E-book written to to capture your e-mail address, push products, courses or anything else.
And it wasn’t outsourced to a guy on upwork for $3 either.

Here’s what you’ll find be learning about:

Part 1: Keyword research –
What is keyword research exactly?
Proven keyword research methods for Amazon products
Amazon keyword research tools
Selecting your priority keywords
Creating your listing with your keywords
Keyword placement
What does Amazon index?

Part 2: Introduction to amazon PPC advertising –
Types of Amazon campaign
Campaign structure: broad, phrase, exact, negatives and bid plus
Campaigns when you have products with variations
Product listing and images
Product niche and competition
Keywords and the Pareto Principle
How amazon decides to place your ad

Part 3 campaign creation –
How to set up your campaign
Data mining
Refining and tweaking (how to interpret the data, refining)
Final refinements and maintenance

Part 4 when PPC goes bad – common issues and how to fix them –
High clicks – low conversions:
Zero Impressions
High impressions – No clicks
Daily budget drained too quickly
I ran PPC Auto campaigns and I see ASIN numbers
Amazon says my product is ineligible for PPC

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