Teach Online: Make Money Doing What You Love: Learn exactly how I make $10,000 of passive income each month, selling online courses.

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    When I began teaching online in 2012, I had no online experience, no email list, and zero traditional teaching experience. I started out in a position like many of you.

    Today, I have over 60,000 students taking my own high-quality courses. I’m making more money than I’ve ever made before, and I believe you can do it too! In this in-depth book, I teach you everything I did to build my own online teaching career – from the very beginning to now.

    In this complete guide to teaching online courses, I break down how I got started teaching online, how I built my own brand, and how I make recurring passive income from teaching online.

    The book is broken down into 4 sections: THINK, CREATE, SHARE, BUILD. Here’s what is taught in each category:

    Do you really want to be an online teacher?
    What can you teach?
    How to get in the right mindset of an online teacher
    Steps to your first course
    Types of online courses
    Coming up with class topics that will sell
    Brainstorming your first course
    and more!

    Developing powerful teaching presentation
    Understanding the power of video and audio
    Learning about design skills
    Proper video lighting
    Proper audio recording
    Finding a good background
    Creating your first course
    and more!

    Where to sell your online course
    How to get your first, second, and xxxx student
    Getting your first paying students
    Specific actions to take for getting paying students
    Using social media and blogs effectively to get new students
    How to write a killer reddit post
    How to market your course for the long run
    and more!

    Building an online brand – beyond your course
    Building an email list
    Building a user-friendly website
    Building awesome content that people love
    Using YouTube to grow your audience
    Using a blog to get new followers
    Creating a self-hosted website
    Preparing yourself for the future
    and more!

    My goal is to help you be successful. I believe this course can do just that. I was inspired by people like Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and Tim Ferriss of the Four Hour Work Week. I hope that this book can inspire you to becoming the best person you can be!

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