Blogging & Publishing: How to Publish Information Online and Make a Living as a Content Marketer

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    Make Money Through Blogging & Publishing Online

    Start Today and Create Your Own Successful Part-Time Income Source.

    Learn to Create Your Own Business from Scratch.

    Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover:

    How to Make a Blog
    – Why you should always start with your passion but still consider other topics
    – Where to find the best-topics that will most likely to make money
    – 4 ways to find a topic that can be profitable in the near future
    – How to create a WordPress blog from start to finish
    – How to choose the right domain name for your blog
    – The 6 step structure to follow for writing your own blog posts
    – The best resources to read to learn more about writing great content that people read
    – 7 monetization strategies to apply for you to make money through your blog
    – This one trick that will allow you to be the “go-to’guy” when it comes to products in your niche

    Book Publishing On Amazon
    – How to use the Amazon categories to find the perfect topic for your first book
    – A simple DO THIS DO THAT template to help you write your book fast!
    – The 4 Point criteria to follow so you’ll know if your topic will sell or not
    – The top 3 niches to target if you really want to make a killing via Kindle publishing
    – How the Amazon best-selling rankings works and how it can help you decide what topic to write in
    – How to choose the perfect title and sub-title for your book…something that would sell!
    – 2 Formulas for writing sub-titles
    – How to create your outline so you’ll have an easier time writing your book
    – My top 8 tips for writing your first book efficiently fast
    – 3 resource for outsourcing your book cover
    – How to write a product description step by step and how to upload your book and get approved fast
    – How to promote your eBooks in a way that it’ll have higher chance of being a best-seller in its category


    The truth is you can learn these all by yourself. But why waste your time and money when you can take a shortcut and avoid some possible costly mistakes along the way?

    The path to online success isn’t a straight road – that’s for sure.

    If you’re an action taker and your willing to make things happen, then this book is for you


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