50 Ways To Build Your Email Marketing List

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    Tested list-building strategies for authors & artists, solo professionals and small businesses

    Need to build a platform? Get more clients? Make more sales? Then you need a list. You can generate all the business you’ll ever need with just an email list and a $20 a month email account.

    Remember: Google can slash your search engine rankings. Facebook can suspend your account. But no one can take away your email list.

    Learn tested techniques for growing your email list through these six strategies:

    1. Optimize the opt-in box
    2. Use social media
    3. Leverage other websites and search
    4. Use offline marketing
    5. Create great emails
    6. Minimize unsubscribes

    The Money’s in the List

    Despite all the talk about social media, the money is still in the list. It always will be. Email marketing continues to have dramatically better ROI than any other marketing channel.

    Tested Ways to Attract Engaged Subscribers

    All the techniques included in the book are proven. They are backed up with stats, referenced to websites. These techniques aren’t sleazy, sneaky, or designed to con people into getting on your list. They attract quality, engaged subscribers. That’s because while you do want a larger list, what you really want is a larger engaged list.

    Email is Still the Killer App

    Email still delivers over $40 for every dollar spent, and it is used constantly by billions of people. Your email marketing program can and should be the thread that ties all your other marketing together.

    Scroll up and grab your copy right now.

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